Postal unions react to new USPS “Delivering for America” plan


Today, Postal Service management issued a 10-year plan they are calling Delivering for America. The plan lays out a number of steps management hopes to take to bridge the projected $160 billion financial shortfall projected over the next ten years. There are elements of this plan the APWU will support and there elements of the plan we will oppose. Read more


We have obvious concerns with certain operational elements of the plan, but we look forward to engaging the Postal Service in productive discussions regarding any changes to ensure that our members’ contractual rights and career interests are protected and that we achieve timely and reliable service to the American people.  Read more


Today the Postal Service announced its 10-year plan to achieve financial sustainability. It is an ambitious multi-faceted plan that seeks to reverse financial losses and clear a path for future financial success. We have reviewed the Delivering for America plan and all of its details and feel confident that the plan addresses many of the major contributors to the Postal Service’s financial woes. Read more


The plan reviews the massive changes in mail volume and mail mix over the past several decades, and urges that a series of steps be adopted to deal with difficulties in processing and delivering mail, reducing employee turnover, and addressing long-term financial shortfalls. Read more

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