Postal unions alarmed by parts of postmaster general’s plan

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Postmaster General Louis DeJoy presented a 10-year plan to “save” the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) March 23. Entitled “Delivering for America,” the 58-page plan would slow first class mail delivery, reduce post office operating hours, and raise prices. The plan also calls for ending a congressional mandate to pre-fund retiree health care, something postal unions have also been calling for. That requirement costs USPS nearly $5 billion a year.

Postal unions were critical of parts of DeJoy’s plan for the USPS and its 644,000 workers. Most USPS employees are union members, and many of them veterans.

The unions agree with DeJoy’s proposals to repeal the requirement to pre-fund retiree health insurance, and to preserve six-day and seven-day mail delivery. Postal unions have noted that without the $5 billion yearly prepayment on health insurance—something no other company or federal agency is required to do—USPS would turn a profit most years.

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USPS definitely needs a new Postmaster General, not one handpicked to destroy it.

More fake news…
We removed letter and flat machines. Not parcel machines..

What are the unions alarmed at?

Without the pressure to get it there as soon as possible there is no reason to offer overtime to one union and mandate overtime to the other union to meet the self imposed delivery goals and standards