Postal union warns mail slowdown could occur due to COVID-19 surge, lack of contact tracing

DETROIT (WXYZ) — Mail delivery for metro Detroiters has been getting back to normal after major delays at the start of the pandemic but now, some postal workers are warning another possible slowdown could occur.

The reason? They say postal employees aren’t being told when their coworkers are testing positive for COVID-19, allowing the virus to spread inside their facilities.

“We’re really having a problem with the surge,” said Keith Combs, president of the American Postal Workers Union Detroit Area Local.

Combs says postal workers are getting sick in record numbers, but often because they’re not told if they were in close contact with a co-worker who tested positive for COVID-19.

“I’m getting way too many calls where people are saying they have worked with a person they didn’t know was positive, but the person is off for a number of days, and then they get sick. But no one told them,” Combs said.

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From the beginning of the China Flu panic, the USPS has done a terrible job of informing employees of potential exposure to the virus.

They are giving out COVID leave like candy if you don’t have a baby sitter.