Postal union dismisses ‘shot in the dark’ proposals from White House task force

Nearly a year after President Donald Trump signed an executive order launching a postal reform task force, Congress, the administration and other postal stakeholders don’t appear any closer to an agreement on how the put the Postal Service on firmer financial footing.

Speaking Friday at an Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) panel on postal reform, Jim Sauber, chief of staff at the National Association of Letter Carriers, urged the administration to prioritize one plank of postal reform: Undoing the 2006 mandate from Congress to pre-fund health benefits for future postal retirees.

“It’s time to focus on investing in our networks, replacing outdated vehicle fleet, and making investments that will allow the Postal Service to provide great service,” Sauber said.

While the Postal Service has defaulted on about $43 billion in payments to the retiree health fund, by the task force’s estimation, Sauber said USPS has about $50 billion in the fund, which should cover benefits for about the next 15 years.

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