Postal truck catches fire on Highway in MN

WAYZATA — Two Wayzata fire trucks responded to what looks like a postal service truck that caught on fire on westbound U.S. Highway 12, around 5 p.m. Monday, Nov. 20, backing up traffic for miles.

The fire took place in front of Lexus of Wayzata. It was unclear whether anyone was hurt, only firefighters were on the road at the time Lakeshore Weekly news arrived.
 More details will be posted as soon as they are known. The postal truck was a Grumman LLV.

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Dana Saunders Gore


What a surprise!!! Catch fire !!! Never

yall got to quit setting these things on fire..I know your in a hurry to get back but GGGEEEEZZZZZZ…


#35 for 2017 ?‍♂️

This is becoming a daily occurrence. Sad that the post office still has done nothing to speed up the new vehicles, or even mentioned it in any safety talks. Not shocking just sad.

They drive minivans here in Ohio

I’m sure they use both. The mini vans are used for walking or ndcbu(gang boxes) routes. They aren’t meant for curbline delivery.

You’re right shitty box truck still go around all the time but they don’t catch on fire here for some reason

They asked me if I’d want to drive my pov during the holidays so they can use my truck to run parcels.

Hell no. They can rent a truck.

I have watched a lot of these llv fires, has anyone else noticed most of the fires are in the left front? I wonder what is there??

All electrical wiring . Fuse box . And ….. h20

Oh, I thought most of the whirring was on the right. Thanks!

fuses are on the right side just below the dashboard and between the steering wheel and the side of the LLV

There should be a separate fuse box in the engine compartment. Not sure about LLVs but most all commercial vehicles have one under the hood

How many does this make for 2017???

Death traps.
That’s over 80 fires this year.

hot mail coming right up

Seems like everyday now

Paula Roettger who’s truck

I almost wish it was mine….lol. then I could get out of work!

Oh no, not another one.

They need to remove the cigarette lighters so people stop charging their phones. I would put money on it that is one of the main causes of all these fires!

Hardly any work any more, the fuse costs much in our area.

Thats what happens when a 30 year old vehicle isnt properly maintained and the carriers try to drive them like a race car.

Did you set the parking brake?