Postal Service’s new dimensional surcharges could pack a wallop

Effective this Sunday, the U.S. Postal Service will implement two parcel-delivery surcharges that will make it costlier for high-volume shippers to move their bigger packages.

A “dimensional noncompliance” fee of $1.50 per piece will be levied on parcels that are tendered without any dimensions appearing on the shipper manifest. A similar fee will apply for parcels that are tendered with dimensional information and either exceed 22 inches in length on the parcel’s longest side or are 1 cubic foot in volume.

The fees are designed to compensate the Postal Service for the time and resources spent measuring a package, as well as for the expense of handling an outsized shipment that can’t be run through a conveyor.

Under a separate “nonstandard” fee, the Postal Service will impose a $4 per-piece surcharge on parcels with lengths that exceed 22 inches but are capped at 30 inches. That fee would be replaced by a $15 per-piece levy should a parcel exceed 30 inches. An additional $15 per-piece surcharge would then be tacked on for parcels that are denser than 2 cubic feet.


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Does this include Amazon? They are the worst offenders.

Amazon, of course will be exempt from this new surcharge. We had to increase rates to cover the subsidy we provide to Amazon. You suckers keep paying the higher rates and the USPS will continue deep discount’s to our Amazon Overlords.