Postal Service’s limit on business trips continues

The Postal Service’s policy limiting business travel during the coronavirus pandemic has been extended until at least Jan. 19, 2021.

The policy affects all business trips, including in-person training. Only travel that is deemed critical to the organization’s mission and trips that cannot be postponed will be approved.

However, certain travel will be necessary in order to maintain the efficiency of operations and to conduct certain business.

Each officer should review all travel requests to ensure they meet the policy criteria. Whenever possible, travel should be on a voluntary basis, recognizing that some employees may have health concerns or may be uncomfortable traveling during the ongoing pandemic.

The policy extension was announced in a memo to employees last week.

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Mmm hmm…I’m a CCA and I’m getting sent to other stations after finishing at my home station almost every single day. In the dark. In an area I don’t know. And like 5% of the employees wear masks.