Postal Service’s current policy on face coverings continues

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released new guidance easing its recommendation on face coverings and social distancing for people who are fully vaccinated for COVID-19, but Postal Service requirements have not changed.

During the pandemic, the Postal Service requires all employees to wear face coverings in public-facing settings when there is a state or local directive in place; or when an employee who does not deal directly with the public cannot achieve or maintain social distancing in the workplace.

USPS encourages all employees who wish to get vaccinated to do so.

Widespread vaccination for COVID-19 is a critical tool to help stop the spread of the coronavirus, according to the CDC.

Employees can request a face covering or surgical mask from their supervisors or they can bring their own cloth face coverings to wear while on duty.

The COVID-19 Employee Resources Blue page has additional information.


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Absurd. Ridiculous. Nonsensical. Illegal and immoral. I’ve had enough of following the orders of these complete morons. They have been screwing up this business every day of the 36 years I’ve worked here. But this one takes the cake. Bravo!!! Way to thank your employees for working through a pandemic. Make them do an unnecessary dance while you sit safely in your home office.

I’m embarrassed to work for 36 years for this pack of do nothing empty suits. Shame on you Postal management. The only reason we are still wearing masks is because no one above my pay grade actually does anything. It’s an actual crime. You should all be in jail for violating your employees rights.

We are still wearing masks here in Syracuse NY and are given no reason why

Somebody wake up the boss at headquarters and let him know that Covid is over. Meanwhile we all have to walk around with diapers on our faces. Wake up fatso!!!!!!

When is this draconian organization going to get rid of these masks?

This is lovely. We deal with management that is sloppy at following the rules at best— We’re actively encouraged to NOT follow any safety protocols for the sake of mail processing making their numbers— & Even when you have achieved & can maintain six feet, the same management will try to have you walked out by postal police for not wearing a mask. But for them & their buddies, no mask? No problem. Meanwhile the whole state is wide open. There are injections for those that want them & there are early treatment options for anyone who gets sick. WHY… Read more »

I agree with you. We are going throught the same at our facilty. When I went to the union, the APWU president said she was sick of the masks too while hers was laying on the desk and she had her sweater on in the air conditioned union office. They really feel our pain. Try wearing it on the floor all day while working in Automation

They called us “essential workers” because we’ve had the ‘privilege’ to do what we’ve BEEN doing, which is simply continue working. But now, it really drives the point home that we don’t matter. Doesn’t matter how hard we complain, how frustrated we are, how unreasonable or unenforceable the ‘rules’ are or if the rest of the country has decided to move on . . . I don’t see things getting better. Maybe they actually want us all to quit.

ridiculous. 3 post offices in my area. 2 are wide open. one, you get yelled at if you walk in without a mask. the counter workers don’t want to wear them but say the office supervisor requires them. Get with the times! I can go in the grocery store where there’s open food without a mask. WHY do I need one to mail a package?? there’s already a big plastic window between me and the person at the desk, WHY A MASK??? if there were only business competition for regular mail. USPS would flush down the drain like it should

I was told today when I went to the POst office that I needed a masks and when I said I was vaccinated and the CDC stated I was not required to wear a mask, one of the PO ladies got belligerent with me saying that here you are required to wear one. I looked it up and and do not see where Customers are required to wear a mask. What is going on there? Do they have there on little fiefdom?