Postal Service Wrapping Up Testing of New Mail Truck Prototypes

The U.S. Postal Service said it expects to wrap up mail truck prototype testing for its Next Generation Delivery Vehicle program in the coming months and then will seek bids for an estimated $6.3 billion contract to produce the new mail truck.

“Most likely early 2019,” said Kim Frum, a spokesperson for the federal agency, recently.

The Postal Service is testing 50 prototypes from five companies as it looks to replace its aging fleet of Grumman Long Life Vehicles, or LLVs. The old mail trucks lack modern safety features, have poor fuel economy and have been plagued by fires and increasingly expensive repairs. At least six burned up last month.

They were also built to handle mostly letters, not packages, which make up more of today’s mail volume.

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I’m a little confused. We were told by our rural union that no vehicles would be ordered and all orders were canceled. Was that only the ones intended to be used on the rural side?

Thats not at sll what we heard at SAC

Why can’t we have mini-vans with front-wheel drive and AIR-CONDITIONING????????????
That would be a lot cheaper than any of the ones they are thinking of. Maybe before they design something they should come to a rural area that has mile-long lanes that have 1/2 foot of mud !

How about getting one the can deliver parcels!