Postal Service to Start Negotiations for Giant Mail Truck Contract

After years of delays, the U.S. Postal Service is launching the final stage of entering an estimated $6 billion contract to replace the agency’s aging fleet of delivery vehicles.

The deadline for four separate company teams to provide contract proposals to build the new truck passed on July 14. The Postal Service told that it will now begin the evaluation of the proposals and start negotiations.

The Postal Service has said the contract could be worth more than $6 billion of business to build as many as 180,000 delivery vans. It also is looking at splitting the giant order between multiple parties. While several foreign companies are bidding for the business, the contract calls for the mail truck to be assembled in the U.S.

“An award(s) is currently planned for the production phase by the end of the calendar year,” the agency said in a statement to


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Please do not put muffler under drivers seat my feet are being cooked my thermometer reading 120 . Air conditioning required and tinted windows to protect from skin cancer and seal so it doesn’t fill with water hey maybe u could survey all mail carriers and ask for input. Yeah that would seem too right

Jack, several years ago I and all my fellow rural carriers received a paper for my recommendations on a new delivery vehicle. I filled the entire form. I turned it in to the postmaster. One of my suggestions was for more leg room. (I’m 6’4″) His response was that not everyone was as tall as I was. I replied that I was asked for my recommendations. I can’t speak for others. I don’t know if my recommendations were submitted or if they went in to the circular file. :/

yea thats the transmission thats making it hot also with the insulation between the floor, i have the same problem

Workhorse is one of the companies in the running, you should check them out. All electric c1000 with a possible drone on top to help with delivery.


I just retired after 31 years and the last 7 was 12 hrs everyday except Sunday for the whole plant, turned down overtime and still made over 90 grand last 7 years , management needs to be made to control the overtime and stop wasting hrs, there will be overtime again but you can’t can’t pay out those kind of hours to people to watch mail run thru a machine, also the unions are running the place that has to stop.

It would be a true shame and a
missed opportunity if these 180k vehicles aren’t EV’s!!

Last edited 2 years ago by gary Hodges

Air conditioner for them.They should not have to work through the heat in a hot box.I see my mailman or maillady and I feel bad for them in the heat.