Postal Service to Issue Layoff Notices Later This Month

Some U.S. Postal Service employees will receive layoff notifications later this month, the mailing agency told workers in a memorandum this week. 

The announcement comes as part of a restructuring plan put in place by Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, who is targeting non-union management and administrative staff for the so-called reductions in force, or RIFs. The Postal Service previously announced voluntary early retirement incentives for eligible members of that contingent of its workforce, noting it was part of a procedure to avoid layoffs. USPS will offer a second round of the incentive to employees before the RIFs take effect, again without any buyout component. Government Executive first reported in April that layoffs appeared likely

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Why not offer early retirement to all employees with over 20 years service??

I agree. They could hire 2 cca’s for what I get paid. They are talking about hiring 100,000 more employees over the next 10 years. Offer an early out to craft employees and hire 2 cca’s and early out an old timer. I think they are afraid to many of us would jump on that wagon.