Postal Service Threatened By Senate Inaction This Week

The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) could soon suffer a body blow if the U.S. Senate does not confirm Robert Duncan to another term on the USPS Board of Governors by December 8. And while there have been positive developments toward a confirmation, this is not yet certain. The time for political games is over.

Without Governor Duncan, the Board will lose its quorum if a new Postmaster General is not found by January 31. USPS will be operationally handicapped and incapable of driving important needed changes. One of the few bright spots on postal public policy is that the Board returned to a quorum in August 2019, with five outside Governors, after not having a quorum since 2014.

The Postal Service’s Board of Governors is legally and operationally a big deal. It is the equivalent of a corporation’s Board of Governors. As USPS says on its website, the Board “directs and controls its expenditures, reviews its practices, conducts long-range planning, approves officer compensation and sets policies on all postal matters.”

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Put me on the board. I can get it done better than the morons we got now.

Barry Obammy was too lazy to appoint any board members while in office, so that’s why there is not enough members for a quorum…he did nothing for the postal service during his tenure…no meaningful legislation was passed during his watch and his party controlled both houses of Congress.

If the Union would stop promoting demos then something would get done.

Absolutely agree, we need a Republican in charge to get us out of the hole and revise the whole operation. I work as a carrier and the waste of spending is unreal !!!

I work for USPS and all I see are people with zero experience supervising and being postmasters only because of who they were related to not for any kind of smarts they’re running the postal service right into the ground it’s a joke