Postal Service supports anti-fentanyl efforts

Your editorial, “Choke off fentanyl supply”, falsely implies that the U.S. Postal Service is not aggressively working to implement provisions of the STOP Act to keep dangerous drugs from entering the United States from China and other countries.

Indeed, the Postal Service and U.S. Customs and Border Protection have informed the postal operator of the People’s Republic of China that in the absence of increased progress toward the STOP Act’s goal of 100 percent Advanced Electronic Data on shipments into the United States that any shipment without AED may be returned at any time. In addition, CBP has notified air and ocean carriers to communicate with postal officials in the People’s Republic of China to confirm that 100 percent of the containers with postal shipments contain AED before loading them onto their conveyance.

Also, contrary to the editorial, the Postal Service has consistently stated that it supports the goals of the STOP Act. We also appreciate Sen. Rob Portman’s steadfast leadership on combating illegal opioids.


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