Postal Service Struggles to Speed Up Delivery, Compounding Its Troubles

The delays are compounding problems at a venerable American institution already teetering under widening financial losses, polarizing leadership and questions about what the Biden administration will — or even can — do to right the ship. And they may be a precursor of even worse delays to come as the Postal Service reaches a potential inflection point: The agency cannot fix its finances without addressing its service problems, and it cannot address its service problems without fixing its finances.

Already the postmaster general, Louis DeJoy, is completing a soon-to-be-released plan to stabilize the agency’s finances over 10 years that is expected to prioritize reliability and cost effectiveness over speed. In part, that could mean people like Mr. Pietri no longer find their Christmas gifts lost in transit, but it almost certainly would slow the delivery of some mail even further.

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The delivery delays I see now I have seen for the last thirty years nothing new chill out