Postal Service staffing shortage causing mail, package delays

CARLISLE, Pa. (WHTM) — A staffing shortage at the United States Postal Service is causing mail and package delays in at least one part of central Pennsylvania.

The USPS acknowledged the problem to ABC27, saying it is struggling to hire enough workers in Cumberland County, and that is subsequently causing significant delays of package dropoffs and days without mail for some customers.

One family said that was their experience last week when they went three days without mail delivery.

“I’m a working mom of three, so I really rely on online shopping and my packages showing up on my doorstep,” said Elizabeth Kemmery, a West Pennsboro Township resident. “My husband noticed because our bills were sitting in the mailbox for a few days and he was waiting on some packages that weren’t coming.”

Kemmery says a call to their local post office revealed their route and three others were uncovered.

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Christmas comes the same time every year! Poor management

I retired 4 years ago from USPS…from day 1, they were shorthanded. They have great pay, benefits and retirement. But, it is hard work. They just can’t find people who want to commit to a job that requires good work ethics.

The pay, benefits, and retirement is not so great anymore for the new hires. Once upon a time, when we had ptf’s instead of the new cca’s, your comment was true but not now. And with incompetent, abusive management, they will continue to find it hard to keep carriers.

Christmas is always a surprise to postal mismanagement.

It’s not necessarily a shortage of help. The PM in my office keeps abolishing positions. Helps his bonus, but not the productivity of the offices.

My Postmaster abolishes positions. No wonder the delivery suffers, but his bonus doesnt.