Postal Service reminds employees to remove MTE labels

The U.S. Postal Service® collects, processes, transports, and delivers mail across the nation. Mail moves through the network in sacks, trays, and tubs. A “little” label identifies the destination for each container, which means a misplaced label can send the mail to the wrong destination.

Postal Service™ employees are responsible for removing all labels and tags from sacks, trays, and tubs when they empty the mail. The Mail Transport Equipment Service Centers do not remove labels or processing tags from Mail Transport Equipment (MTE).

Old tray labels must be thrown away, and any tags must be collected and reused as stated in the following excerpt from the MTE Standard Operating Procedure for processing facilities and delivery units:

“All tray labels must be removed as the tray is emptied of its contents. The label holder must be replaced with a new one if it has been damaged, torn, or has been rendered unusable in any manner. Once emptied, trays must be separated and stacked on pallets by type. All labels, placards, and residual signage (i.e., HAZMAT, Code Red, etc.) must be removed from all MTE when emptied.”

Our customers rely on us to correctly move and deliver mail. Old labels left in empty MTE increase the possibility of mistakes when this equipment is reused. Just the small act of “removing the label” can make a big impression on our mailers when they receive clean, useable MTE ready for their mail.


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They change this rule all the time. I’ve always take out, even when they say we don’t have to.

That’s only one step. It would benefit all of us if the trays were all stacked correctly. Label holders all on the same side. Then if you want them clean for mailers, have carriers wash them out when they spill their drinks in them. This is only one small thing in hundreds that need to be fixed. Things move so much smoother when all these little things are done, it makes the big things not so big.

Hire more clerks to do this. Carriers have enough to do

I would like to know whose job it is to remove labels from DPS. One of our carriers will not do it and will not take the empties to where we keep them. I remove labels from everything I sort. Do rural carriers get paid to do it? I don’t mind picking up her empty trays and removing the labels, but I wonder why everyone else does it. I’m the only clerk in our office.

Rurals do not get paid to do this.
I agree that we all should do it as it would be a team effort.
In our office, it was a mailhandler doing this and stacking correctly.
Now he is retired, and it’s become a ‘not my job’ thing…it’s a mess !!