Postal Service Readying Production Contract for New Mail Truck

The U.S. Postal Service said it will award an expected $6 billion in contracts for the next-generation mail truck later this year.

The agency is providing only the scantest details but in late December asked up to four separate company teams for contract proposals to build the new truck. Each of the teams previously has provided prototype vehicles to the Postal Service for evaluation.

They have until March 27 to bid for what the postal service has previously said will be more than $6 billion of business to build as many as 180,000 delivery vans. But the agency said it could extend the deadline. However, the Postal Service said it plans to award one or more contracts this year.

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Ya make sure you take your time some more usps, it’s not like our 30 yr+ old trucks aren’t burning down or giving people carbon Monoxide  issues or anything.