Postal Service officials put on notice for Tallahassee’s poor mail delivery service

United States Postal Service officials arrived Friday at U.S. Rep. Al Lawson’s Tallahassee office with a stack of customer complaints.

Many were submitted to Lawson’s office — a sign of Tallahassee’s boiling-over postal problems. Lawson scheduled the meeting to convey concerns and an expectation that they get to the bottom of things.

The Postal Service was put on notice during a meeting that lasted more than an hour in Lawson’s congressional office in the Renaissance Building in Frenchtown. In attendance were state Rep. Loranne Ausley, D-Tallahassee, Tallahassee Postmaster Tim Dison and Paul Steele, manager of Post Office operations and Dison’s boss.

Following the private meeting, Lawson told the Tallahassee Democrat he’s convinced after talking with Dison and Steele delivery service will improve. But he’s still concerned by the frequency and number of complaints he’s heard, especially during last month’s peak holiday season.


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