New USPS city carrier initiative introduced – Expedited to Street/Afternoon Sortation (ESAS)

The Postal Service is introducing a new initiative called Expedited to Street/Afternoon Sortation (ESAS).  This program is an enhancement to the current Expedited Preferential Mail (EPM) Delivery program which reduces morning office time to allow carriers to leave for the street earlier. Upon returning from the street, the carriers then work any unsorted mail into delivery sequence for delivery the next scheduled day.

Test sites listed below.


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Really imagine that idea!!! I vaguely remember doing that 20 years ago. What did it take – a man off the street with NO postal experience to speak some common sense finally to all those who think they know so much!!!! Just about enough to drive us crazy. I’m so ready to be done!!!!!

No, 20 years ago carriers were not delaying first class mail by a day, nor were they taking mail to sort on the street. They did have pm casing of third class (aka standard) mail.

Aka Marketing Mail

How are you suppose to take 5ft of flats on the street and sort them in a timely manner without a case? Ridiculous

Your not supposed to take out 5 feet. For most routes the bulk of flats come banded are are not first class, those are stacked for when we return after delivering. That leaves the NLM flats in the 775 tubs and the hot case and most of that will also be mostly advertising mail that you finger to pull out the 1st class and stack the rest. For most carriers those few first class flats would be worked in just like the SPR in your parcel hamper, only without using the load function to scan it

They have been talking about this long before the Post Master General retired and the new guy took over…
Some of the changes are just getting back to the original schedule so people can get to the street. Pushing carriers start times back just means the plants get their incoming mail late and thus they are behind. Thus carriers get the mail late the next day from the sorting… You have to stop the bleeding.

Does nothing to control over time you need body’s that is what we don’t have.

So we have to collate first class flats into our flats on the street, the first class flats are in no kind of order, so were standing behind our crappy ass llvs doing this, cmon, so i have a heavy flat route, what makes them think ill get back in time to case flats for the next day, theres a reason it didnt work before

I was thinking the same thing I guess I’ll bring them back and case them for the next day.

Sounds to me like they put another person in charge that don’t have clue what he is doing or maybe he does to privatize the U.S.P. S. I am so lucky that got to retire before all of this started. Good luck POSTAL Brothers & Sisters.

5 more to go!

I guess the ideal is most routes have so few first class flats it would be like the old days when you made a final pull from the hot case and dropped your red card those few pieces would be worked in just as we work in a parcel or SPR. Some routes do get more a few first class flats and they will have a problem

As a clerk, the problem with this way is that carriers will pull their hampers too early and the clerks won’t have enough time to finish the parcels. This was an issue BEFORE this initiative.
I only have 2 weeks before I retire. Thank God!

Very true, our clerks are often sorting parcels late, due to lack of clerks. Delaying parcels would cause a problem, such as with Amazon account. They might use this to push carrier start times later.

We tried this already. Case first and second class in the morning, come back and case bulk mail in the afternoon for the next day. Problem was, they wouldn’t separate first class mail from bulk rate. So we wound up casing everything in the morning anyway! Add to that the lack of personnel to cover every route and a good policy goes right out the window.

So true we don’t have the body’s to even do this, oh well

That was called Expedited Preferential Mail (EPM).

postal crap

lets stand out in the heat and behind those death traps LLV’S.Maybe stay in the 125 degree truck & do it !! but stay in the shade and drink lots of water avoid heat stroke on alotted break time ! 4 park points also can u say hips,shoulder ,knees & backs , lots ot battles are coming stay strong and safe !!! most of us have been through this crap before usally ends up back to normal do to costs of OT

We did this for the first time yesterday and unfortunately it was a disaster. We started two routes down so that did not help. Our management has been telling us in Indianapolis that they are mandated to go routes down. Between having to sort stuff on street time, back track spurs/parcels that weren’t available before we had to leave for the street in 30 minutes and the extra pie we had to carry- there were six carriers maxed to 12 hours. We were casing 2nd class mail at the end of day making double time. That is just crazy. Plus… Read more »

This plan will delay the delay the mail even more combined with the last idiotic plan of the new PMG!

Re evaluate our routes with the new normal Amazon package volume our office is delivering more packages then we did during Christmas with less help because of covid no way we can make it back in 8

I’ve seen this so many times in my 36 years in the Post Office. All up and down the chain every time someone new fills a position they think they have new bright ideas. There are no new ideas. Just recycled failed ones.

BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.As a retired carrier this is something that occurs over and over and over again. A new PMG comes in and acts like they just reinvented the wheel. As with most supervisors, managers, their experience is seeing a movie training film on how this is going to “work”. Never does anyone listen to the people actually doing the work. This “new” method is just another nail in the coffin by making the delivery aspect at least a day later. Stop and think if you can when letter mail was at it’s peak pre automation and the mail got… Read more »

This is called “delay of mail”. I thought this was illegal

Yeah I don’t think it will work out in his favor, bad enough at the plants they are making us mix standard letters with first class. There’s so much mail but “allegedly” we don’t have a lot of mail. As soon as they consolidated 2 zones (in my case) all of the sudden we’re running more mail together then they were by themselves. And the talk of less overtime is not gonna happen at the Plants anytime soon

I suggested something like ESAS many years ago and they thought it was a bad idea. Each office should have a few parcel post routes as they did when I started in 1964. Taking the parcels away would bring the carriers back earlier. It’s pure stupidity to pay O.T. for delivering parcels, most of which are Amazon, who pays almost nothing to mail their parcels.