Postal service inspector general reviewing DeJoy’s policy changes and potential ethics conflicts

Washington (CNN)The internal watchdog at the United States Postal Service is reviewing controversial policy changes recently imposed under Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, and is also examining DeJoy’s compliance with federal ethics rules, according to a spokeswoman for the USPS inspector general and an aide to Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who requested the review.

Lawmakers from both parties and postal union leaders have sounded alarms over disruptive changes instituted by DeJoy this summer, including eliminating overtime and slowing some mail delivery. Democrats claim he is intentionally undermining postal service operations to sabotage mail-in voting in the November election — a charge he denies.
Agapi Doulaveris, a spokeswoman for the USPS watchdog, told CNN in an email, “We have initiated a body of work to address the concerns raised, but cannot comment on the details.”

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Why keep raising rates when money is being wasted at our office a clerk walks out with our supplies and has been doing it for years but now with covid are wipes and cleaner toilet paper paper towels then multiply that by doing it for twenty years and I bet it goes on at a majority of post offices add it up do something about it

you should go to the and report him. you can tell them you want to be anonymous

It doesn’t work out like that I tired one time and all that happened is she walked around the post office screaming I’ll get whoever called on this office and the oig person gave her the transcript of my call to help postmaster figure it out it was treated as a big joke but the person who was stealing is still five years later trying to do stuff to me turning my headlights on in in LLV flattening tires yes the post office has to pay to fix wasted money for years new postmaster doesn’t believe me and says he… Read more »

It’s pretty obvious OIG what’s going on. Next step, what are you going to do about it?

There’s MUCH MORE important things that should be investigated at this time. OIG needs to focus on the newly appointed post Master that is doing Frump’s dirty work. MAGOTS!

Why should he stop? Your union guarantees that he can’t be fired!

I hope this Postal Service Inspector General has some teeth and is able to stop Dejoy from dismantling our P.O. service. Those sorters are not inexpensive pieces of equipment. As I understand it, they cost over a million each. That is our Tax Dollars being discarded, people. Call, write your representatives, whether or not they are for or against what this Trump appointee is doing. They need to hear from us.

That’s not our tax dollars- Kathy, the postal service has always been self sufficient (not dependent on public/government assistance at least since 1970- but I get your point, representatives and Congress needs too hear from everyone and step in and STEP UP..!!

postal service doesnt run on your tax dollars!!!lol!

The Pony Express will come on top remember the movie it’s the American way

In my area we had a city mail carrier driving a postal owned vehicle for over two years. He had a DUI license suspension at the time he also had lots of dinners and spent lots of weekends at the female postmasters house. About three years before that he injured his shoulder on his route and had around eight months off with pay.
After he finally got his driver’s license restored he suffered an unfortunate slip and fall once again on his route and he’s now receiving a disability.
Union walks thru fire to protect thieves like this.