Postal Service Has Until Thursday to Report Late-Vote Total

The U.S. Postal Service manager in charge of election mail was given until 9 a.m. Thursday in Washington to calculate and report to a judge the total number of mail-in ballots that weren’t delivered by Nov. 3.

“What I want to focus on is what’s in all these postal facilities, and getting all those ballots out of the post facilities so they can be counted,” U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan said at a hearing on Wednesday. “That’s my primary focus right now.”

Sullivan gave USPS executive manager Kevin Bray his deadline and said, “We want the ballots moved.”

Delayed mail is likely to result in thousands of valid ballots not being counted in some states where lawmakers or courts didn’t extend deadlines to deal with the pandemic — and, if late enough, could invalidate votes in states that did. The judge’s order comes as President Donald Trump’s campaign is suing to throw out ballots that arrive late.

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