Postal Service continues to receive thousands of ballots

Thousands of ballots continued to stream into U.S. Postal Service facilities Monday, according to newly filed court documents, too late in many states to be counted, even if postmarked by Election Day.

According to the new data, compiled as part of a lawsuit to monitor mail voting, ballots arriving Monday included hundreds meant for closely fought contests in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Arizona, where President-elect Joe Biden has held small but significant leads. Those ballots include: 121 in Atlanta, 293 in Philadelphia, 109 in Central Pennsylvania, 171 in Central Arizona and 83 in Detroit.

Though the number of ballots is too small to affect the outcome of the election in any of these states they could — along with hundreds of others that arrived in these states in the days since the election — affect the margins of victory for Biden.

Of these states, only Pennsylvania accepted ballots after Election Day, so long as they were postmarked by Nov. 3. But even Pennsylvania’s extension, ordered by the state Supreme Court, expired on Friday.

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