Postal Service calls for investigation after mail stops in Miamisburg neighborhood

— An incident described as a suspected case of road rage led to mail not being delivered in a Miamisburg neighborhood for three days and renewed interest from police about what led to the stopped service.

“Mail was suspended because the USPS was following the recommendation from the United States Postal Inspection Service to conduct a safety investigation,” said Naddia Dhalai, strategic communication specialist with the U.S. Postal Service regional office in Cleveland.

According to a witness who asked not to identified by name, two young men sped up to a letter carrier’s vehicle on Friday, got out and chased the letter carrier down an alley.

“They started screaming stuff at him and actually physically getting out of the car,” the witness said. He then ran from his house, chasing the two men because he didn’t want anything to happen to the letter carrier.

“They needed to leave the mailman alone, I wasn’t going to let them jump him. He was just doing his job.”


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