Postal Service Agrees to Convert 5,000 Letter Carriers to Career Positions

The U.S. Postal Service has agreed to convert nearly 5,000 non-permanent employees to career roles, resolving a labor dispute with its largest union.

The agreement will convert any employee in the city carrier assistant position with at least 30 months of experience to a career job, giving those workers a more generous suite of benefits as well as more stable positions. USPS reached the settlement with the National Association of Letter Carriers after the union filed a national-level grievance.

Non-career employees can be more easily laid off, face less certainty in their schedules and receive less generous benefits. They now make up 20% of the USPS workforce—or about 126,000 workers—double the share allowed under previous collective bargaining agreements. NALC filed its grievance after suggesting the Postal Service violated its contractual caps on city carrier assistants.

About 3,000 employees will be converted to “part-time flexible,” positions, while 1,800 in larger offices will now serve in regular, full-time roles. Impacted workers must have 30 months of experience by Feb. 15 to qualify.

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City side vs Rural side. Gonna do this for RCA rural subs who have been waiting 11 years?

I waited 11 years

The Postal service needs new blood. They should offer a incentive to older employees to retire.

RCAs should be attending their local/county meetings now to send contractual resolutions to their state conventions, and then attend and get them passed and sent to national convention to be voted on and given to the national board as something they want included in the next contract. Don’t complain about how the union doesn’t do anything for you if you don’t want to do the leg work to get it started.