Postal Reform Has Bipartisan Support; So Why the Opposition From UPS?

All of that being said, the Postal Service has needed reform for far too long. In a rare instance of bipartisanship, Democrats and Republicans in the House and Senate recently introduced the Postal Reform Act, legislation that would help put the Postal Service on the right financial footing while also ensuring that its core mission to deliver mail and packages continues. One important provision designed to create certainty for the American people and businesses and efficiencies for the Postal Service’s network ensures that mail and packages will continue to be delivered together six days a week to every address in America.  Simple as that.

There have been rumors in the past of eliminating service to five days a week or to restrict what the Postal Service can or cannot deliver, so this should be a no-brainer, non-controversial provision for everyone. Except, of course, UPS. UPS, a competitor of the Postal Service, wants nothing more than to find ways to prevent the Postal Service from creating efficiencies in delivering packages to Americans to give themselves a competitive advantage.

UPS abhors this provision, the certainty it would provide, and the efficiencies it would maintain for the only package carrier mandated to deliver to Americans in every ZIP code: the Postal Service. It’s tried for years to kick the Postal Service out of the package business to jack up rates, forcing us all to pay more for less service.  UPS is leveraging all its power, money, and connections to strip this provision out of the bill. It is the dark side of Washington that Americans despise.


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The difference between the two is that UPS doesn’t lose packages or deliver them too late like the Postal Service does.

You’d be surprised,as to how many they lose ,never deliver or mistreat,but of course they keep that quiet.