Postal Police Officers Blame Mail Theft Increase on Decision to End Neighborhood Patrols

A policy change could be to blame for increased mail theft across our area, a postal insider told the News4 I-Team.

The head of the Postal Police Officers Association says the U.S. Postal Service removed its uniformed officers from patrols that deter those kinds of crimes, instead stationing them inside postal processing facilities.

“It’s nuts; it’s absolutely crazy,” said Frank Albergo, president of the PPOA. “They pulled us off the street. There are no more marked postal police vehicles out in the street. I mean, it’s actually inviting crime.”

Albergo contacted the I-Team after seeing a November investigation featuring Maryland families who reported having checks stolen from blue collection boxes. One eyewitness even saw the thieves in action, using a special arrow key that unlocks all of the blue mailboxes within a given area. Court records show carriers are frequently targeted for their keys.

“For years, we were patrol officers who protected letter carriers and the blue collection boxes on the corner,” said Postal Police Officer Eric Freeman. “We need to be out on the streets instead of at the plants.”


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Let me add a previous comment from one of Frank Albergo’s other PR Blitz’s that goes into further detail. Frank Albergo, Police Union President, is on a PR Blitz to make Postal Police look like crime fighters who are being held back and this is the cause of the increase in violent postal crimes in the USA. The postal police are effectively security guards with police powers granted to them on postal property. Frank and his Postal Police are desperately trying to gain 20 year law enforcement retirement via a congressional bill.  Currently the postal police do not meet the definition… Read more »