March 20, 2023
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max steele
8 months ago

Frank Albergo’s PR campaign to make the Postal Police viable crime fighters is failing. The Postal Police are less than 500 strong and are located only in the largest of U.S. Cities. Postal crimes are increasing everywhere not just the few large cities where they are located. Frank Albergo never mentions there are about 1400 U.S. Postal Inspectors who investigate federal criminal acts against the Postal Service and their employees and also there are over 500 Special Agents of the Postal OIG who investigate internal crimes. In order for the Postal Police to have any impact on external postal crimes… Read more »

Jim Bjork Past PPOA President
6 months ago

Max Steele: Well there you have it folks, the US Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) (“Max Steele” is an obvious pseudonym for a high-ranking USPIS official) has given the official reason why postal police jurisdictional authority was revoked. It was strictly done out of an irrational fear that PPOs might receive enhanced LEO retirement benefits. Of course, the Inspection Service is FAR too stupid to realize that even if postal police law enforcement authority were to be restored—that fact alone wouldn’t qualify PPOs as “law enforcement officers” under Title 5 of the USC.  Here’s why: Coverage under CSRS and FERS LEO… Read more »

6 months ago

Max, you are extremely stupid, you might even be stupid enough to be a high-ranking USPIS official. When a bodega is robbed do local police departments post their officers at every bodega or do they deploy their officers strategically using predictive policing techniques that help to reduce crime.
Also, you apparently don’t understand the difference between an 1811 and a 083.
And finally, you are actually making the argument for more Postal Police Officers but you are too dim witted to realize it.

Jim Bjork Past PPOA President
6 months ago

Max Stoole, afraid to engage in a healthy debate?