WASHINGTON – The U.S. Postal Inspection Service is warning the nation’s veterans that scammers are creating and implementing scams specifically designed for them. These scams include

COVID Vaccination Scams: Scammers will offer veterans a “cut in the vaccination line,” cash payments, or other incentives around obtaining a COVID vaccination.
Romance Scams: Veterans and active-duty service members are tempting targets for “catfishing” romance scams, where scammers will utilize a picture of a service member posted online and create fake dating profiles to lure unsuspecting singles into giving up personally identifiable information and/or money.
VA Loan Scams: Offers to refinance VA loans at extremely low rates.
Update Your File Scam: An imposter, claiming to be from a government agency, attempts to get a veteran’s personal information to “update their file” so they can maintain their benefits.
Secret Veteran Benefits Scam: Veterans are told they qualify for “secret” government programs or benefits that offer thousands of dollars – but first, they attempt to collect personal information or a fee.
Pension Poaching Scam: Scammers often offer veterans lump sum payments upfront, in exchange for signing over all their future monthly benefit checks.
Aid and Attendance Scam: Veterans (or their family members) receive an offer to move their assets into a living trust so that they can qualify for financial assisted-Iiving benefits.

According to an AARP survey, veterans are twice as likely to be targets of scammers as the general public. That is why the U.S. Postal Inspection Service joined with AARP to create Operation Protect Veterans, a crime prevention program designed to provide information and resources to veterans and military families nationwide about scams and fraud schemes specifically created for them.


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