Postal employees working in deep freeze after USPS sent alert canceling mail delivery

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – Some United States Postal Service employees were shocked Wednesday morning when they had to report to work in the freezing cold.

The United States Postal Service sent out an alert Tuesday night, canceling mail delivery on Wednesday for every zip code starting with 441 in Northeast Ohio.

So it was quite the surprise when a number of tipsters reached out to Cleveland19 saying otherwise.

This was an email received by an anonymous tipster:


My husband currently works at the post office and even though the news said the carriers for the post office was called off they made them come in. He works for the Richmond post office. This is ridiculous they have to be at work after it was said that temperatures are to frigid.

We reached out to the post office to investigate whether all Cleveland postal carriers were working today or whether the decision was left up to each branch.

They replied with this statement:

We continue to monitor weather conditions as well as evaluate transportation availability. With any winter weather situation, we typically attempt delivery where we can while emphasizing safety to our employees. Employees are encouraged to contact their employee hotline for updated information since plant employees and carriers may have different reporting information.

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