Postal employees to receive another workforce information postcard

The Postal Service’s latest Delivering for America card focuses on the organization’s plans for its 650,000-person workforce.

The 6-by-4-inch card describes efforts to foster workforce stability, invest in employees and make USPS a destination for careers through Delivering for America, the organization’s 10-year plan to modernize the Postal Service.

The card, which was mailed to employees’ homes this month, is the second in a series. Employees can reference the card when discussing Delivering for America with co-workers and customers.

The latest card notes USPS hired more than 185,000 employees in 2021 and converted 63,000 pre-career workers to career employees.

Additionally, the card speaks to training programs for front-line supervisors and those aimed at reducing noncareer employee turnover.

Additional cards on other topics will be mailed throughout the year.


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Thanks for making our routes harder by sending out a thank you card! How about a pay raise? They only thing carriers got was a 19 cent raise to working through a pandemic.

This is just more wasteful spending, I don’t need their propaganda, I couldn’t tell you the last time I looked at their postcards. If they want to say something to me then say it at work. Don’t harass me at home. As for the contract, our mighty union has screwed us again. All we got was chicken scraps. I worked every day during the pandemic and was scared to death what I might bring home to my wife, who by the way is immune compromised.