Postal Employees Skeptical as Top Officials Testify They Were ‘Appalled’ Over Mail Delays

Top U.S. Postal Service officials testified in court on Wednesday they were “appalled” and “concerned” about decisions made at the local level that led to widespread mail delays, though employees on the front lines said the late deliveries were a result only of workers following direction from headquarters.

The postal headquarters officials pointed the finger at local managers and employees for misinterpreting reforms implemented by Postmaster General Louis DeJoy shortly after he took office in a manner that led to delays, though they conceded those interpretations at least in part reflected their own directions. They delivered testimony before the U.S. Court for the Southern District of New Yorkin the case Jones v. USPS, one of many lawsuits across the country in which plaintiffs are seeking an injunction against DeJoy’s changes.

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Appalled and Concerned” that they got caught.I read some of the testimonies and thought they were scripts from Saturday Night Live..Anybody who knows anything about the postal system is that it has an anachronistic top down management system which throttles dissent… To propose that it was local management decisions is preposterous… But just for arguments sake lets say it is true…. So where the hell was upper management to step in and correct the situation?..They brag about all the management systems which control every situation…. Obviously, in this case, upper management FAILED. And, lastly,… never read Eisenhower’s famous letter if… Read more »

You absolutely hit the nail on the head. NOTHING happens at the post office
without the upper management and watchers
knowing about it and issuing the directives down to the local units.

All the PO does is promote idiots into their level of incompetency. No wonder it’s a circle jerk all the time.

What a joke told the trucks to leave the mail was pushed to back per the truck drivers talk to them they see what really goes on this was done on purpose need inspectors to watch the docks and not get friendly with the workers when they finally decide to show up for work we need reality