Postal Employee Admits to Helping Her Boyfriend Rob Her Own Office

A Postal Service employee in St. Louis, MO has admitted that she helped her boyfriend rob the Post Office branch where she worked.

Arielle Steed, 27, of St. Louis pleaded guilty in court this week to one felony charge of aiding and abetting the robbery of a United States Postal employee.

According to court documents, in early December 2018, Steed and co-defendant Dywane Upchurch planned to rob the U.S. Post Office in Richmond Heights located on Big Bend Boulevard. Steed was a teller at the post office and was in a relationship with Upchurch.

After the post office closed on December 6, 2018, Steed took the cash from the registers and stacked it on the counter. There was only one other employee in the building at that point.


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