Postal clerk to retire after 42 years

Carrying on a legacy started by her brother and mother, Jackie Knight began working for the U.S. Postal Service 42 years ago in Suffolk.

She has worked at many locations throughout the city, including 24 years in Chuckatuck, and for the last five or so years has made the Driver Station post office on Bennetts Pasture Road her home away from home.

On Friday, she reported to work for the last time, as her fellow co-workers threw her a retirement party to commemorate her longevity and pay tribute not just to someone they work with but someone who has become a dear friend.

“When the younger ones found out I had 42 years, they went, ‘Oh my God, I’m not even that old yet,’” Knight said, laughing.

In the week leading up to her retirement, Knight spent a lot of time reminiscing about the old days, sharing hugs, laughs, a few tears and a lot of stories.

“When I first was hired, we had bigger parcels and everything was done manually,” Knight said. “You used an adding machine for everything, or you used your head. Now, everything is technology.”

Knight, whose official title was lead sales and services associate but who in reality did a lot of everything at the post office, said she has had some physical issues with her knees and ankles over the last year that made the demanding postal service work a little more challenging. Those things accelerated her plans to retire, but still, the last day was bittersweet.

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Feel sorry for the postmaster there….this great employee that’s retiring will be replaced by some lazy ass millennial who will be on their iPhone all the time.

dont feel sorry for the overpaid postmaster, feel sorry for the people that because of 7 years of over extended service did to the waiting list for people wanting to be fulltimers! think about the new people

Last edited 2 years ago by billwalluse

What waiting list???….what hole in the ground have you’ve been living in for the past five years or so??? Newsflash!!!!…. the postal service has been begging people to join it’s ranks…. even to the point they are holding job fairs!!!