Postal Chief’s Delay on Retirement Signals Outside Candidates

The postponement of U.S. Postal Service chief Megan Brennan‘s planned retirement may mean the service is considering an outsider to be the next postmaster general, a prospect that alarms some union leaders.

“If they were searching inside the Postal Service, they would be done already,” said Paul Hogrogian, president of the National Postal Mail Handlers Union, which represents about 47,000 USPS workers. When Patrick Donahoe, the postmaster general before Brennan, stepped down, he immediately announced that Brennan—like Donahoe, a longtime USPS employee who rose through the ranks—would be replacing him.


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Who in the hell in their right mind would take this gig? You would have to be some sort of sadist because you’re coming in as a hatchet man and a Trump yes man….so everyone at L’Enfant Plaza is going to hate you…and the pay is only$350,000 a year with no stock options, so that’s not going to entice anyone from the private sector…so it’s going to be somebody really young who’s trying to make a name for themselves….or some old retread doing Trump a favor… either way, it’s not going to end well for us….The Year of the Rat… Read more »