Postal carrier Kathy Marlow makes final delivery after 28 years

Kathy Marlow’s postal route in Ocoee has always been more than a job for her. It has been a way of making connections and making a difference in the community she served for 28 years with the Ocoee Post Office. Her last day was Sept. 29.
She delivered letters, bills, packages and other mail to customers in nearly eight neighborhoods — Westyn Park, Willows on the Lake, Parkside, Coventry, Richfield Cove, Waterside and Johio Bay; half of The Reserve; and a few single homes along Johio Shores Drive.
But also she forged friendships, became the official Santa Claus letter writer, organized fundraisers for people in need and served as a Night to Shine prom buddy for the son of a longtime customer.
The announcement of Marlow’s retirement came as a disappointment to the residents on her route — including a few to whom she has delivered from the start. She has a stack of retirement and goodbye cards from her customers, and she keeps on her refrigerator school pictures and family Christmas cards through the years.

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