Post Office’s Strong Liquidity Makes Immediate Crisis, Changes Less Likely

Don’t look for major changes to the postal service in the coming year, analysts from Height Securities say.

The United States Postal Service does have long-term financial challenges resulting from changes in how we all send packages — and expensive retiree benefits.

But in a Monday note, Height Securities analyst Hunter Hammond said the chance of big change anytime soon is pretty small, in part because of strong liquidity at the post office makes a major, immediate crisis unlikely.

“Absent a liquidity crisis, lawmakers and interest groups remain apprehensive about major reform, especially privatization,” Hammond said.

Height analysts put the odds of Congress considering a major overhaul of the USPS this year at about 15 percent.


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The odds of any Postal Service action in Congress this year are closer to zero than 15%.The recommendations of Trump’s partisan committee’s report will be ignored as it should be.