Post office worker arrested for drunk driving after allegedly hitting mail truck, neighbor’s mailbox

BATON ROUGE – A man working at an East Baton Rouge post office was arrested Monday night after he allegedly drove his car into a mail truck in the office’s parking lot and then took out a neighbor’s mailbox on his way home.

Deputies went to the home of Donald Moore, 52, after his neighbor reported that Moore had driven through his yard. The victim said Moore reeked of alcohol and apologized for hitting the mailbox before driving back to his home just four doors down.

When a deputy questioned Moore, the suspect had bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and a strong odor of alcohol. While investigating the accident, the deputy was informed that Moore was also suspected in a hit-and-run investigation at the post office on Millwood Drive where he worked.

Moore had allegedly backed into a mail truck on his way out and sped away from the area. He admitted to the deputy that he was the one who hit the mail truck.

Moore was later transported to a police station where he registered a .147 BAC on a breathalyzer test.


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