Post Office IG report finds shortcomings in election mail processing

An Inspector General report released Monday found that the United States Postal Service, while largely prepared to handle an increase in election mail, still was unable to fully process significant portions of election materials from the 2022 primary cycle.

“We found that generally, the Postal Service is ready for timely processing of Election Mail for the 2022 mid-term election,” the report begins. “However, we did find examples where the Postal Service was not in compliance with Election Mail policies.”

The IG first highlighted that the USPS processed roughly 10 million more pieces of election mail in the 3-month period of April through June of the 2022 primary cycle than it did for the same period during the 2020 primaries, with the on time delivery rate for the identifiable election mail actually increasing by 1%.


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Postal Times should really stop using Psuedo-news sites as references.
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Jon, just asking, If the news site is using the actual USPS OIG Report so how can it be “fake News” or a conspiracy theory? Did they site get it wrong or do you just disagree with the IG report? Please discuss further for me understand your point, do have a problem with reporting or that the news was coming from a “far right” news source.