Post office employees upset over supervisor’s social media posts

SHREVEPORT, La – Jenie Frazier, union president for the postal workers’ Northwest Louisiana Local 418, said she submitted a formal complaint to the the U.S. Postal Service last week, accusing a supervisor of making “racially insensitive and incendiary remarks on Facebook.”

She said the workplace has become “hostile” as a result of the social media posts.

“We all were … upset,” Frazier said. “I sent an e-mail. And I got an e-mail back, saying they’ll be investigating it.”

Jonathan Carver, plant supervisor, said he will not comment while the matter is under investigation.

The supervisor has been placed on administrative leave.

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Free Speech is over, the Progressives our taking over.

What is racist about that comment? Are you trying to say that black lives are now important than everyone else? She is right get over yourselves and quit whining.

Your house isn’t on fire theirs is…unarmed black people are being murdered by cops….you shut up

All lives do matter!

He is absolutely right of what he said if you look up satistics 93% of black lives they die by killing one another only 7% by cops

But you see no one wants true statistics. It doesn’t support the narrative. The best way to end this is to stop talking about it. We are all Americans period.

white people are ridiculous. You guy’s started this racist bullshit

Cops are supposed to protect people not murder them unless you actually see a weapon.These cops are killing people based on the color of their skin.

What he posts on his “private” not work Facebook is none of their business. They made the workplace hostile by bringing their feelings to workplace. People need to stop being so sensitive.

Facebook isn’t private! Why defend a Racist? Must be a trump-lover

I wasn’t going to indulge in this conversation, but every single person that has commented are missing the point. Never once did anyone say that other lives didn’t matter. No other race in this world has the statistics stacked against them like African Americans, with regard to unarmed black men and women being killed by cops, we’re simply saying stop killing us like our lives dont matter. That isnt a race card being played. And fyi those are facts. You can turn a blind eye to all that’s currently taking place in this country and even in the world and… Read more »

Don’t “go postal”!

For the last time stop trying to change the narrative. No one is saying black lives ONLY matter. And no she’s not right I have to assume since you’re saying something so dumb you’re not black. Try walking a mile in my shoes I’m a black mother with a black teenage son my worst fear is that I lose my child not because he’s not a good person but because the color of his skin. WAKE UP

You have a responsibility as a supervisor. If you are a racist away from work, you will be one at work.

Sorry I do agree with what he posted. ALL lives matter!!! NO ONE’S live is more important than another’s. I am Hispanic and yes I can admit sometimes the police can be a little prejudice against black, and Hispanics, BUT it is NOT all police are that way. Unfortunately the police who do portray that type of behavior are abusing their power behind their shield! Point of this post… ALL lives matter!!! Black, Brown, yellow, white. ANY race or color!!!!! PLEASE remember to be kind to everyone of every color!! People are people we ALL have feelings regardless of our… Read more »

Hi, why can’t everyone just realize that we are made in God’s image, and that in God’s image we are all the same in his eyes! Be excellent to one another and love our country as it loves us! God loves us all equally, no matter what color, race, gender, or religion God wants us all to follow him! God bless everyone!

Amen to this…. God loves us all equally and he will Judge the injustice. and all this violence is only representing hatred. Alot of things happen in this World that aren’t right but come together in peace not in this manner of showing violence with violence and evil doings, life is to precious and short to behave this way. Every race has harmed another and it’s sad but we all have free will to do what’s right and live according to God’s will or to be evil like the Devil himself. I choose God’s will what do you choose?

No such thing as a good american or bad american im just person living in america. Love one another stop brother kill brother ew×w where was is good samartan. I wish we had that day. Tell steanger i luv you

ALL LIVES DO MATTER! The hospital doesn’t give a transfusion based on ethnicity, color of skin or sex! We are the human race! Take time to research Acts17:6 DRAIN THE SWAMP so they can stop killing black babies!! Black Americans make up less than 14% of the population in America! Democrats CREATED the KKK, Negro project and prison reform as it can be studied by ALL AMERICANS!! Ee have that technology @ our fingertips! Let’s not be lazy. You see how BLM and Antifa come out of the closet before elections and kill, right? I wonder why? Having an Arsenio… Read more »

You may lose the post office. Trump does not support the post office.

Get over yourself, I agree everyone on God’s earth matters in his eyes and mines. Teach your children how to live in God way the right way and treat people as you want to be treated

But if this supervisor was black no problem! I have supervisors on my page and they post horrible stuff. Like all that support Trump should die! Nothing why? Because of the color of their skin. It’s only wrong if you are white! One supervisor posted all white people are ignorant! Just imagine a white supervisor saying that! Smh