Post Office considers 5 day mail delivery as finances languish

The U.S. Post Office is considering a controversial reform in an attempt to put itself on firmer financial footing.

During a hearing before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform on Tuesday, Postmaster General Megan Brennan said the agency is considering scaling back mail deliver to five days per week, from the current six, as it works on a plan to shore up its financial situation.

As part of that plan, the Post Office would deliver packages seven days per week. Parcels are increasing by one million new deliveries per year, though they remain a small portion of the agency’s overall business.

Meanwhile, a decline in first class mail volume is credited with exacerbating losses at the agency, which ended fiscal 2018 with a net loss of $3.9 billion.

Lawmakers were quick to dismiss the idea, including Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., who asked Brennan whether she told the board working on the plan that “that dog won’t hunt,” calling the proposal “very concerning.”

“I understand it from a financial standpoint,” Meadows said. “But I don’t understand how you can say that your primary objective is to deliver mail – and that packages are a follow-on – and yet you’re going to put the priority on seven-day delivery for packages.”


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Can’t keep RCAs now, go to 5 day and watch even more abandon ship.

Unfortunately this is the trend and what a lot of companies want. A disposable workforce. Sad but true. I suggest you make and save as much money as you can as long as you can.

Yeah and the bad too is that the postal service keeps going down on their pay for new RCA’s.

This was decided upon a few years back and announced at my workplace. Then closer to the beginning date > Abandoned.

These politicians just don’t get the USPS. Our main function is to deliver the mail. They have got to change their focus. I want to be able to have a retirement.

You are suggesting that they should base their plan on what best supports your retirement?

If you read the article it’s our Postmaster General who suggested the 5 day mail delivery! The lawmakers questioned her about putting parcels as a priority delivering 7 days a week and not the U.S. Mail which is our number 1 priority.

This is what happens when you have people that can’t understand money management, not prepared for lost due to technology, costly and willful violation of the ELM and investing in known unreliable equipment. The USPS has never been a PROACTIVE Company. If the USPS was a private company, current management would have been removed years ago.

As would many of the employees who don’t perform or use SL and LWOP as vacation days.

No money, Really???
Maybe we should look at the folks monitoring our left turns, excessive reverse actions, whether were “wearing” our doggy protecting satchels, etc and offer them real RCA jobs and leave the regular carriers alone!
I spent 4 months trying to schedule a Dr appt just to know if a cancerous tumor was growing or if it was something insignificant.
We need replacements and at 5 days, we’d never see one again!

If the Post Office wants to save money have Management and Postmaster pivot in two offices a day and put management on salary. The management in my office does artist and crafts, has a drone he plays with, washers his and the postmaster cars in the summer, watches full movies daily and so much more. Then they are at work 10 to 14 hour days getting overtime. It’s a joke the way the post office is run. Let’s not forget about the special teams that come in and pretend they are doing something, waste of money!

I am a clerk and see the waste. Management worry about stuff that is miniscule and need to fix real problems. A lot of management take advantage of the postal service. I think they should have to punch in and out of their offices. They hold us to a standard but misuse their position a lot. Why aren’t they wayched. Also if they want to save money, they could start with cutting way back on advertising and pamphlets. We get hundreds of pamphlets and no one takes them. It’s a complete waste. Advertise on social media and save money on… Read more »

My idea is that I feel they should offer a Dual Position, so that Clerks would be able to help neighboring Post Offices deliver mail. In my area we have a neighboring Post Office that has three carriers out on medical leave and the mail is not being delivered. Our office is handling complaints every day and referring them to The Post Office with the problem. AS I started my career with the Postal service as a TRC then an RCA then a PTF Carrier the I switched crafts to a PTF at the time I asked my PM Why… Read more »

Like your idea. Not only dual position, anybody in the local office should be working “together” to get the daily job-work done without union rule bickering. An honest days pay for an honest days pay. A set pay and everybody knows the pay schedule and level increases until they hit max- with cost of living. If the company makes money- then you get a raise. If the company looses money, then you wait or help the company. Beginning to think here for years that all the unions should get together or leave. Too much grievance issues from what I here… Read more »

spun this crap before now working 7 days a week plus holidays way to go

Thank you, Lawmakers and a special “thank you” goes out to Rep. Mark Meadows!
I don’t understand why nobody is questioning the “Pre-funding” retirement system congress put into play?!?

They wouldn’t have this problem if the USPS would go up on their bulk mailing!! I get letters in the mail this is bulk (standard) with 11 cents on it! I mean really?? Go up on that and you make more money

Long on talk, short on action