Possible Delayed Payroll Checks PP04

Please see the notice below from USPS HQ

 Topic:  Delayed Payroll Checks PP4
AudienceAll Post Offices, Stations, Branches, Plants, NDCs and all Functional Departments
AlertPayroll checks for PP4 are delayed due to FedEx network/transportation issues. This is impacting several Areas. The checks may not be received at the destination office by pay day Friday, February 19, 2021.

Impacted employees will need to be issued a Salary Advance via AdjustPay.

Follow the Salary Advance ONLY (Missing/Lost check AIC 754) workflow in AdjustPay.

Note:  The employee is entitled to the full amount of check as listed on the payroll register. The Payroll Register report is available via EDW.

A Stop Pay will be issued in CCTS through AdjustPay when the advance is issued at an RSS unit or at 8:00 PM CT the same day – whichever comes first.

If a salary advance is issued, when the original check arrives, return it to the Disbursing Branch.

Accounting Services Disbursing Branch
2825 Lone Oak Parkway
Eagan MN 55121-9642

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The Post Office can’t even get their employees their checks on time, and you think that having them in the banking businness is a good idea???? You would be crazy!