Portland post office’s staffing crunch leaves some letters undelivered

Some Cape Elizabeth residents say they have not had their mail delivered in more than a week, and that they’ve been told that regular mail has taken a back seat to package deliveries in recent weeks.

Cape resident Sue Clark said she has been getting packages delivered, but hasn’t received a letter since Dec. 21. Clark worries that some of her bills won’t get paid on time.

“We just want the postal service to continue delivering mail,” Clark said in a telephone interview Thursday evening. “It seems strange to me that they are delivering packages, but not mail.”

U.S. Postal Service management in Portland issued an order earlier this month saying package deliveries should be carriers’ top priority, according to Mark Seitz, a letter carrier and president of both the Maine Association of Letter Carriers and Local 92 of the union, which represents about 700 workers in southern Maine.

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