Politicians Literally Playing With Fire Over U.S. Postal Service Delivery Vehicles

Looking for a symbol of how decrepit, combustible, and gridlocked the federal government has become? Consider the U.S. Postal Service’s delivery vehicles.

The busted, old, dangerous contraptions need to be replaced as soon as possible. Yet some environmental and union activists are willing to put that at risk for narrow political objectives.

The average postal vehicle has been on the road for nearly 30 years. Many do not have air conditioning or modern braking systems. Maintenance costs often exceed $10,000 a year, per vehicle. More than 400 have caught on fire in recent years, many through loud explosions. Yet, there is no avenue to recall the vehicles.

So far, somehow, no one has died. That could change if politicians pushed by the activists try to dictate the composition of the new vehicle fleet. Regardless, there are compelling financial and environmental reasons to replace the vehicles as soon as possible.


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Wouldn’t a fact-based non-bias new source better serve News in Postal Times? This writer is from “Founded in 1998, the Lexington Institute is a libertarian-leaning think tank” and not an integrity-driven professional news outlet.

Why isn’t their frustration over the fact that the “concept truck” is functionality useless in the real world as it appears in photos? The left side window doesn’t open? No rear vents? to much fragile glass. not to mention it’s undrivable because the body is too low in the middle and changes too low in the front and back. So go ahead and push forward a disaster.