PMG’s Comments to MTAC Raise Concerns Over Price Increase

On January 26, speaking to the virtual meeting of the Mailers Technical Advisory Committee, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy gave a broad overview of his developing plans to get the Postal Service back on track after months of worsening service that culminated in a historically bad holiday season.

Comments by PMG:

“I appreciate the concerns of industry regarding future price increases.  I have received both staff feedback regarding industry concerns in this regard as well as direct customer feedback on the consequence of more volume leaving the system with future price increases.  So noted.  I am balancing the needs of stability and financial sustainability of the Postal Service as well as market and consumer customer trends.

“As you know, the Board of Governors will determine the timing of future pricing increases and no decisions have been made at this time.

“However, as I have previously stated, last year we charged $70 billion for services that cost us $80 billion to provide.  We cannot continue down this path and think that we will remain a viable service to the American people.  Our losses need to be addressed

“And while not the only action required, we must consider our new pricing authority as an important part of the solution we will be proposing.  That is why our regulator granted it to us.


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