PMG Louis DeJoy address at the NAPS National Convention

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy addressed NAPS delegates Tuesday morning at the 67th NAPS National Convention, saying he was excited to be with them. “You are important whether you are working—helping me lead the charge to right the Postal Service—or retired because we need cheerleaders, help and support. We’re involved in a transformation of the organization whose business model has been significantly disrupted over the past few years.”

DeJoy said the agency’s 10-year plan is pretty straightforward: strategically direct the USPS’ processing and delivery assets in a way that increases operational precision and preserves its core, but doing it better and more cost effectively; also, finding strategic ways to grow. He said he wants to energize the entire organization and achieve success by covering costs and investing in the network.

The PMG referenced that, when he joined the Postal Service in June 2020, the agency was forecast to lose billions and run out of cash in September; mail volume was declining and projected to continue to decline over the next 10 years. “The focus was on mail,” he observed, “but the best minds have focused on the mail for over 10 years. We needed to come up with a better plan. Our greatest assets are our network and our people.”


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