PMG Issues Vote By Mail Policies and Clarifying Operational Instructions

The number one priority for Postmaster General DeJoy and the Postal Service between now and Election Day is the secure and on-time delivery of the nation’s election mail. Effective October 1, 2020, the Postal Service will make additional resources available in all areas of operations, including collection, processing, delivery, and transportation, to satisfy increased demand and unforeseen circumstances. These additional resources will include, as needed, additional staffing, additional transportation , and expanded mail processing windows and delivery trips, among others. Further guidance on use of additional resources will be provided separately.

To address any misinformation and clear up any confusion about the status of the Postal Service’s practices concerning Overtime, Hiring, Retail Hours, Collection Boxes, Late and Extra Trips, Mail Processing, and Election Mail, these Clarifying Operational Instructions detail practices as they currently stand related to those topics.

As you may also be aware, a federal district court recently issued an order imposing certain requirements for the handling of mail. These Instructions are also intended to provide guidance to assist in carrying out the specific directives required by that order, as they relate to current operational practices.

The approach to the matters outlined in these Instructions will remain in effect until further notice and supersede any previous guidance provided on these specific topics that could be seen as conflicting with these Instructions, whether from Headquarters or the field.

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“processing schedules should align with transportation schedules” according to the new Post Master General….. let’s talk stupid here…transportation must align with processing… size of trucks, number of trucks, etc… improving processing does not change overnight……. telling transportation to leave no matter what is like telling the people fighting the forest fires that they must fight the fire for x number of hours, then leave…… duh…… and these guys know better…