PMG Dejoy will still be around after Trump leaves office

Perhaps the most infamous Trump administration official who will remain in government after Trump leaves office is Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, a Trump megadonor whose leadership of the U.S. Postal Service nearly sabotaged voting by mail. As postmaster general, DeJoy serves no fixed term and can’t be removed by the president, meaning that with continued backing from the Postal Service Board of Governors, he could undermine voting by mail for years to come. (The majority of the board members are Republicans appointed by Trump.)

In October, the Postal Service’s Office of Inspector General criticized DeJoy for abruptly implementing operational chances that “negatively impacted” the timeliness of mail delivery and for providing “incomplete” information to Congress about his conduct. In addition, a federal judge strongly admonished DeJoy for delaying the delivery of ballots, ignoring a court order and failing to “conduct Election Day sweeps of mail-processing facilities for undelivered ballots on Election Day.” DeJoy’s incompetence, conflicts and corruption certainly warrant his removal, but as long as he remains in the job, Congress and the inspector general must hold him — and the board — accountable. This means holding more public hearings, examining the selection process and continuing to investigate DeJoy’s attacks on voting by mail.

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He’s got some pretty serious charges coming from the state of North Carolina soon.

He has lots of good ideas.It is the worthless deadbeat management fighting against changes that are needed.Late trucks no communication in Post Office.fake numbers. Fake scans.Fake work hours all this needs to be fixed.