PMG announces USPS restructuring plan

In an effort to operate in a more efficient and effective manner and better serve customers, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy today announced a modified organizational structure for the U.S. Postal Service.

The new organizational structure is focused on three operating units and their core missions:

• Retail and Delivery Operations — Accept and deliver mail and packages efficiently with a high level of customer satisfaction. This organization will be led by Kristin Seaver.
• Logistics and Processing Operations — Process and move mail and packages efficiently to the delivery units, meeting determined standards. This organization will be led by David Williams.
• Commerce and Business Solutions — Leverage infrastructure to enable growth. This organization will be led by Jakki Krage Strako.

“This organizational change will capture operating efficiencies by providing clarity and economies of scale that will allow us to reduce our cost base and capture new revenue,” said DeJoy. “It is crucial that we do what is within our control to help us successfully complete our mission to serve the American people and, through the universal service obligation, bind our nation together by maintaining and operating our unique, vital and resilient infrastructure.”

As part of the modified structure, logistics and mail processing operations will report into the new Logistics and Processing Operations organization separate from existing area and district reporting structures. This includes all mail processing facilities and local transportation networks offices. Splitting operations into the two organizations of Retail and Delivery Operations, and Logistics and Processing Operations, is designed to allow for improved focus and clear communication channels. The transition to this new organizational structure will take place over the next several weeks. Transition coordinators have been identified to assist in the process.

These organizational changes do not initiate a reduction in force, and there are no immediate impacts to USPS employees. However, to prepare for future changes, the Postal Service has implemented a management hiring freeze and will be requesting future Voluntary Early Retirement Authority from the Office of Personnel Management for non-bargaining employees.

An organization chart reflecting the new USPS structure is available at

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Breaking usps down into sellable or scrappable sections…. First step in destroying usps………..destroy or sell off and then say there is excess in funds for retirement and prepaid healthcare… Steal them….It’s not a new game folks… Only this time it is a real disaster for the nation…

You would suggest we keep losing billions a year

“Carvin Marvin”

Last edited 2 years ago by Larry Sutton

Your exactly right with your call!

I hope that these changes make a positive impact on the agency. I’m not sure that a loan from the government would be ideal. Would definitely have to see if there would be any stipulations on the agency bc of the loan like salaries and wage increases.