Phoenix postmaster dies from COVID-19

PHOENIX — Loved ones are mourning the loss of Humberto “Junior” Trujillo, the Phoenix postmaster who died Tuesday night from complications due to COVID-19.

Trujillo was sworn in as postmaster in January 2015. He worked for the United States Postal Service for 31 years, beginning as a mail handler on the night shift and working his way up. Prior to his USPS career, he worked as a mason foreman in the Valley and helped construct the post office facility near Van Buren and 48th streets that he would later go on to lead.

“He was never afraid to take a job,” Trujillo’s daughter, Nicole Rideau, told ABC15. “He never thought that he wasn’t smart enough or good enough,” she said. “He thought, ‘if I don’t know how to do that job, I’m going to learn it.’”

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