Phoenix homeowner Pays it Forward to mailman making a difference

One of the neighbors who have gotten to know Mailman John is Sherry Harrington.

Harrington took a bad fall a few months ago and broke a bone in her back.

She could barely get around on a walker.

Mailman John heard how upset Harrington was about not being able to pull weeds and plant flowers that Mailman John hired a crew to come out and clean her front yard.

“I couldn’t believe it,” said Harrington. “I could not believe that someone who just passes through the neighborhood every day, and really doesn’t live here would care that much, and he definitely does.”

“I would definitely want somebody to help my mom if she was [sic] in the same situation, so I thought of it like that,” said Reyes.

Soon after, Harrington started giving Mailman John big boxes of ice cream to enjoy and share with his kids as a way to say thank you.

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